Egg McGreg

toasted croissant, eggs, ham and melted cheddar, with a side of grapes – 9.95


Breakfast Bagel

eggs, avocado, dill havarti, tomato, and double smoked bacon, with a side of grapes – 9.95


Breakfast Ciabatta – Vegetarian

eggs, dill havarti and fresh veggies, with a side of grapes – 9.95


Bowl of Fresh Fruit – Gluten Free – Vegetarian

fresh blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and grapes – 6.95


Heaven Waffle – Gluten Free – Vegetarian

organic belgian style waffle, fresh berries, organic peanut butter and agave nectar, with homemade whipped cream – 12.95


The Johnstrosity – Spicy

garlic herb tortilla, eggs, sport peppers, turkey, pepperjack, hummus and fresh veggies, with a side of grapes – 11.95



garlic herb tortilla, eggs, double smoked bacon, ham, blue cheese, feta, mushrooms and potatoes, with a side of grapes – 12.95


Main Fare


Butter Poached Salmon Tacos – Gluten Free Option Available

wild pacific salmon poached in butter, served in flour tortillas with homemade slaw, and a side of cilantro lime rice – 15.95


Pork Tenderloin

the most tender cut of pork, with a mustard veal demi-glace, fresh thyme, and fried potatoes – 17.95


Peach Ginger Chicken – Gluten Free

organic chicken breast, peach chutney, cilantro lime rice, and cajun brussels sprouts – 17.95


Lemon Dill Salmon

wild caught pacific salmon fillet, lemon dill caper broth, mushrooms, tomatoes, green onions, and ciabatta toast points – 18.95


Green Curry Mahi – Gluten Free

wild caught mahi fillet, with thai quinoa, red bell peppers, green curry sauce, and cajun brussels sprouts – 18.95


Steak Gyro

grass fed ny steak, feta and dill crema in a toasted pita, with a side of grapes – 15.95


Cajun Gyro

toasted pita filled with local andouille sausage, large tiger shrimp, fresh veggies, pepperjack and dill crema, with a side of grapes – 15.95


Chicken Caesar Wrap

organic chicken breast, romaine, and spicy caesar dressing in a toasted herb tortilla and aged parmesan, with a side of grapes – 12.95


Burgers & Sandwiches

Screen-Shot-2016-05-10-at-10.56.03-AMWe use local, organically raised grass fed beef for our burgers. These very lean burgers are cooked to medium-well (a little pink) so they don’t become dry. If you prefer burgers well-done, please try another menu item.

Kayenta Burger (1/2 lb. patty)

melted cheddar, lettuce, onion and tomato, with fried potatoes – 14.95


Xetava Classic Burger (1/2 lb. patty)

homemade slaw, avocado and melted dill havarti, with fried potatoes – 14.95


Bacon Blue Burger (1/2 lb. patty)

blue cheese sauce, double smoked bacon and mushrooms, with fried potatoes – 15.95


Wild Mushroom Burger – Vegetarian

wild mushrooms, avocado, homemade slaw and dill havarti, with fried potatoes – 13.95


Ciabatta (Chi – Bah – Tah)

choice of turkey or ham, melted dill havarti and fresh veggies, with fried potatoes – 11.95


Veggie Ciabatta – Vegetarian

dill havarti, fresh veggies, walnut pesto and hummus, with fried potatoes – 11.95


Lighter Fare


Cajun Brussels Sprouts – Gluten Free

flash fried, with warm peach chutney – 5.95


Mahi Cake (seasonal) – Gluten Free

wild mahi, potatoes, fresh thyme, shallot, garlic, side of organic citrus greens, lemon dill caper sauce – 7.95 per cake


Spicy Hummus Plate – Vegetarian

with grilled pita, tomatoes, and cucumber, topped with chili garlic sauce – half 8.95   full 14.95


Bruschetta Flatbread

homemade pesto, tomato, wild mushrooms, dill havarti 9.95 – Vegetarian


Wild Mushrooms – Vegetarian

shiitake, oyster and button mushrooms, fresh herbs and garlic, goat cheese, balsamic reduction, grilled pita – 8.95


Lavash and Olive Tapenade – Vegetarian

our homemade tapenade (black olives, fresh herbs, capers) with crackerbread – 5.95


Fresh Fruit Bowl – Vegetarian

blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, grapes – 6.95




House Salad – Gluten Free – Vegetarian

organic greens, blue cheese, candied walnuts, dried cranberries, balsamic vinaigrette
Half – 6.95   Full – 11.95


Grilled Caesar Salad

with grated parmesan, spicy caesar dressing, homemade garlic croutons
Half – 7.95   – 11.95


Chilled Beet Salad – Gluten Free – Vegetarian

organic greens, candied walnuts, goat cheese, balsamic reduction, dill oil
Half – 7.95   Full – 11.95


Cluck Cluck in a Garden – Gluten Free

organic chicken breast, organic greens, fresh veggies, feta, candied walnuts, dried cranberries, balsamic vinaigrette  – 14.95


Herb and Berry Salad – Gluten Free – Vegetarian

fresh berries, balsamic vinaigrette, organic greens, fresh basil, candied walnuts, feta – 12.95


Chicken Salad Salad (seasonal) – Gluten Free

organic chicken salad on romaine, with gluten free chips and grapes – 12.95


Gyro Salad

grass fed ny steak, feta, dill crema, organic greens, avocado, cucumber, toasted pita – 15.95


Add Ons

organic chicken breast – 5.95

wild pacific salmon – 9.95

3 large tiger shrimp – 7.95

wild mahi – 9.95

grass fed ny steak – 9.95

double smoked bacon – 2.95

wild mushrooms – 4.95

fresh avocado – 2.95

fried potatoes – 3.95

rainbow quinoa – 4.95


Specialties & Cocktails

Jamocha Frappé – 5.75

coffee and chocolate blended with ice and nonfat milk, topped with homemade whipped cream


Lucky Girl – 6.25

jamocha with peanut butter, topped with homemade whipped cream


Dirty Girl – 6.95

jamocha with peanut butter, a shot of espresso, topped with homemade whipped cream


Royden Lemonade Supreme – 5.95

all natural lemonade blended with vanilla, coconut, and fresh mint


Fred and the Giant Mango – 5.95

fresh orange juice blended with mango puree

Chai Frappé – 5.75

black chai blended with nonfat milk and ice, topped with cinnamon and nutmeg


Fruit Smoothie – 5.50

choice of mango or mixed berry, blended with nonfat milk and ice


Mimosa Grande – 9.50  served after 11:30

orange juice and champagne


Bellini – 9.50  served after 11:30

champagne with mango or mixed berry puree


Sangria de Rachel – 9.50  served after 11:30

a blend of red wines and fermented fruit


Drunken Iceberg – 10.50  served after 11:30

royden lemonade and champagne

Cafe Drinks

Espresso – 2.43


Americano – 2.43


Latte – 4.25


Mocha Latte – 4.95

with homemade whipped cream


Cappuccino – 4.95


Caramel Macchiato – 4.95


Flavored Latte – 4.95

almond roca, caramel, coffee, hazelnut, orange, raspberry, vanilla
SUGAR FREE – chocolate, caramel, vanilla


Steamer – 3.50

steamed milk and your choice of flavoring


Orange Juice – 2.95


Pellegrino – 5 (750ml)


Bottled Water – 1.50

Chai Latte – 4.45

organic chai tea, with cinnamon and nutmeg


Dirty Chai Latte – 4.95

same as chai latte, but with a shot of espresso


Cocoa Supreme – 4.25

a decadent hot chocolate with whipped cream


Mighty Leaf Organic Tea – 3.15

african nectar, chamomile citrus, mint, earl grey, white orchard, breakfast, green tropical, hojicha, mountain jasmine


Italian Cream Soda – 3.95

orange or raspberry, topped with cream


Fountain Soda – 2.95 (bottomless)

coke, diet coke, dr. pepper, sprite


Extras $.75 Each

with soy milk
breve style
add espresso shot
add steamed milk
steamed half ‘n’ half



Xetava’s Bread Pudding

croissants and warm caramel sauce, topped with homemade whipped cream – 8.25


Chilled Chili Chocolate – Gluten Free

chocolate and chili melted together, topped with homemade whipped cream and fresh berries – 5.75


Triple Chocolate Cake

with fresh strawberries, drizzled with chocolate sauce, topped with homemade whipped cream – 8.95


Carrot Cake – Gluten Free

moist and luscious, with homemade cream cheese frosting – 7. 50


Grandpa Clyde’s Cookies 1.80 each

– oatmeal chocolate nut cranberry
– homemade oreo
– turtle (chocolate, nuts, caramel)
– pumpkin cranberry (seasonal)